About Project

The design discharge of the Singati Khola Hydropower Project is 11.3 m3/sec .The total headrace tunnel length of the project is 5824m & 719 m of penstock pipe. The headworks & about 4.8 km length of tunnel of the project is located on the Babare VDC of Dolakha district, whereas all other project components including about 1 km tunnel lies in Lamidanda VDC. Access road to headworks passes through Laduk & Chilankha VDC. The project is a run-of-river type having the capacity of 25 MW.

Salient Features of the Project

Location of the Project 27 0 44′ 00″ to 27 0 47′ 17″ N
86 0 07′ 05″ to 86 0 09′ 55″ E
Installed Capacity 25.0 MW


Catchment Area at Intake 189.5 km2
Catchment Area at Powerhouse 231.9 km2
Design 100 yrs. Flood at Intake 455 m3/sec
Design 100 yrs. Flood at PH 574 m3/sec
Downstream Release 308 lps
40% Dependable Flow (Q40%) 11.30 m 3 /sec
Design Discharge 11.3 m3/sec for From Intake to Tunnel Inlet

7.3 m3/sec for HRT, Penstock Pipe and PH Units

Power Development

Type of Power Generation Run-of-river
Turbine Discharge 7.30 m³/s
Total Gross Head 268.05 m
Net Head at Design Discharge 257.66 m
Average Annual Energy 101.868 GWh
Dry Energy 19.897 GWh
Wet Energy 81.971 GWh


Type of Weir Overflow Ogee
Length of Weir 38.0 m
Weir Crest Level EL. 1246.05
Weir Foundation Level EL. 1235.80 m

Undersluice Structure

Nos. of gates 1 no.
Size of gate opening (NoxWxH) 1 x 4.0 m x 4 m
Undersluice Crest level EL. 1242.85 m

Power Intake

Intake Type Side Intake (Orifice Type)
Intake Gates or Openings 3 nos.
Gates opening size (W x H) 4.0 m x 1.1 m
Intake Invert Level EL. 1244.75 m
Total Intake Width 14.0 m

Approach Canal

Number single
Section Type Rectangular
Size (W x H) 13.0 m x (6.1 to 2.3) m
Length 47 m
Hydraulic Slope 1:1000
Gravel Trap (GT) Inbuilt Provision of GT

Desanding Basin

Type Dufour, Continuous flushing
Desanding Chambers 2 nos
Size (L x B x H)- Each 96 m x 9.7 m x 6.7 m
No. of Flushing Channel 2 nos
Size (B xD) 0.48 x 0.48 (Slope 1 in 50)
U/S transition 10.0 m
D/S transition 7.5 m

Head Pond

Section Rectangular
Size (W x H) 13.1 m x 9 m
Length 32 m
Box Conduit Invert Level EL.1237.725 m
Operating Water Level EL.1245.525 m

Pressure Box Conduit

Type RCC
Size (BxH) 3m x 3.2m
Length 65m
Tunnel Invert Level EL 1237.660

Headrace Tunnel

Type Invert ‘D’ Shape (Pressure Flow)
Size (BxH) 2.6 x 2.9 m
Lining Fiber Shortcrete
Length 5824 m
Slope of Tunnel 1 in 600
Number of Adits 2
Adit -1 Length 295 m
Adit -2 Length 65 m

Penstock Pipe

Before Double Bifurcation
Type Steel Circular
Number 1 nos.
Diameter 1.85 m
Length 657.0m
Thickness 12 mm to 26mm
After Double Bifurcation
Type Steel Circular
Number 2 nos.
Diameter 1.3 m
Length 42.0m
Thickness 26mm

Surge Shaft

Section Type Circular
Diameter 6.0 m
Height from Base 31.6 m
Max. Upsurge Level EL. 1257.525
Min. Downsurge Level EL. 1232.525


Type Surface
No. of Units 2
Type of Turbine Pelton
Size (LxBxH) 40.0 x 20.0 x 11 m
Tail Water Level (Turbine CL) EL.978.0 m


Type RCC Box/Rectangular
Length 15.0 m
Size (BxH) 4.0 m x 2.60 m
Discharging River Singati

Transmission Line

132 kV 0.2 Km long 132 kV single circuit connected to Singati sub-station
Generator Brushless synchronous, 3 phase 2×9,400 KVA 11 KV


Power Rating 1 x 18,800 KVA, 132/11 KV, 50 Hz
Specification 3 phase, ONAN/ ONAF Cooled
Project Cost in Mil. NPR (Excluding IDC) 2,633.173

Financial Indicators

Project Cost MNPR/MW 164.573
Construction Period 3 Years
IDC (MNPR) 260.266
Financial Cost (MNPR) 2,893.438
Financial Cost (MNPR)/MW 180.840
Interest Rate 10%
IRR 17.34%
BC Ratio 1.75
NPV (MNPR) 1,586.236
Pay Back Period (years) 5.61


About Us

Singati Hydro Energy Pvt. Ltd was established under the company Act 2063, in 2067 to develop the Singati Khola Hydropower Project, Dolakha.

The company was previously managed another management team. New management team is managing the company since 2069. Right now there are six members in the board of directors under the chairmanship of Mr. Sudip Raj Gautam.

As the company is currently developing the Singati Khola Hydropower Project (25 MW) capacity, widely known as super six project the Company using the service of other individuals, consultants, which are specialist in their field. They are available to the company as and when required for consultation, in order to ensure that the company’s progress. WELINK Associates Pvt. Ltd is our design consultant for this specific project.

Company Biography:

Name of the Company Singati Hydro Energy  Ltd.
Type of Organization Public Limited
Registered Address Gahanapokhari, 05-Kathmandu.
Office Address Gahanapokhari, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Tel : 01-4543203

email :shehydro@gmail.com

Date of Registration Jestha-05, 2067
  Company Registration No   72937/066-067
 PAN Number  304300875
 Industry Reg. Certificate  1908/327/069-070