Mission Vision & Objectives


To be the Nepal’s largest and best power producer admired for developing affordable clean power, powering Nepal’s growth.


  • To adopt global best practices and become a leading power generating company.
  • To carry out and operate project in a cost effective, environment friendly and socio-economically responsive manner.
  • To improve the lives of local populations.
  • To aim to make electricity as driving force of the economy.
  • To maintain a culture of value, ethics and integrity in the organization.


  • To harness hydro power potential of the country for the benefit of the people at large by optimally utilizing the untapped resources with the private sector
  • To ensure attractive and sustainable long term return to our shareholders through prudent and sound investment.
  • To create a competitive working environment with long term career prospects to our employees whereby they will nurture a culture to learn, grow and put their best effort to the growth of the company.
  • To identify the feasibility of hydro power project, EIA  & prepare detail project report.
    Hydroelectricity generation through optimal utilization of resources within the country.
  • To develop, build,own and operate hydropower projects
  • To conduct studies, research and training in power generation  sector.