Singati Hydro Energy Ltd.

Singati Hydro Energy Ltd. was established to spearhead the development of the Singati Khola Hydropower Project (25MW). Nestled in the northeastern part of Dolakha district, this project stands out as one of the Super Six initiatives awarded to the private sector through a rigorous national bidding process. Setting itself apart, Singati Hydro Energy Ltd. undertook the monumental task of excavating a 6-kilometer-long tunnel and laying a 26-kilometer-long Transmission Line, marking significant milestones in the project’s execution. Total paid up capital of the company is worth NPR 2.9 Billion .

Venturing beyond borders, Singati Hydro Energy Ltd., in collaboration with Orbit Energy Ltd., is actively engaged in constructing two hydropower projects in Sankhuwasabha district in eastern Nepal—Sabha Khola B Hydropower Project (21.5 MW) and Sabha Khola C Hydropower Project (6.2 MW). The Power Purchase Agreements for these projects were inked on 10th July 2017 and 24th March 2019, respectively. Leading the financial consortium are Kumari Bank Limited, Siddhartha Bank Limited, and Agricultural Development Bank, underscoring their commitment to sustainable energy development.

Further expanding its portfolio, Singati Hydro Energy Ltd., partnering with Habitat Power Company, is spearheading the construction of Hewa Khola A Small Hydropower Project (10 MW) in Panchthar district of Eastern Nepal. With the Power Purchase Agreement signed on 21st January 2019, Machhapuchchhre Bank and Lumbini Bikash Bank have emerged as the lead finance partners, reinforcing their dedication to fostering renewable energy initiatives. The construction period of the project is 2 years.

Moreover, Singati Hydro Energy Ltd., in conjunction with Nar Khola Pvt. Ltd., is embarking on the ambitious Nar Khola Hydropower Project (61.11 MW) in Manang district. Despite being in its initial phase, the project boasts a staggering projected cost of NPR 9.48 trillion, showcasing its potential impact on the region’s energy landscape. With an impressive Economic Internal Rate of Return (EIRR) of 21.1% and a Benefit-Cost ratio (B/C) of 1.23, the project is poised to redefine the paradigm of sustainable energy development.

More recently, Singati Hydro Energy Ltd., in partnership with Annapurna Vidyut Bikash Company Ltd. (AVBCL), has embarked on the development of the Landruk Modi Hydroelectric Project (LMHEP) (86.59 MW). With the Power Purchase Agreement signed on 29th July 2018, supplemented by subsequent amendments, and the acquisition of the generation license on 24th September 2020, the project signifies a bold step towards harnessing Nepal’s hydroelectric potential. The total project cost is estimated to be around NPR. 1,403 Crore with 70% loan and 30% equity. Despite facing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the project remains steadfast in its commitment to achieving its objectives within the stipulated timeframe, thereby contributing to the nation’s energy security.

Singati Hydro Energy Pvt. Ltd was established under the company Act 2063, in 2067 to develop the Singati Hydropower Project 16 MW, Dolakha. It is one of the super six project awarded by the Goverment to private sectors through bidding. Sibgati Hydro Energy Pvt. Ltd(SHEPL) has got License to develop 16 MW Singati Khola Hydropower Project. The feasinility study, supplementary Enviromental impact assessment has been completed and has already signed power evacuation agreement; power purchase agreement with Nepal Electricity Authority(NEA). SHEPL has already signed syndicated loan agreement with commercials banks.